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  • Program Chairs; 
    Prof. Ali Selamat (MY),,
    Dr. Masaki Krematsu (JP),
  • Detail Program ( final)


    August 1, Monday

     18:00-19:00 REGISTATION       Aiina 8th Floor 803
    Room A8th Floor 803
    Room B8th Floor 812
    Room C8th Floor 811
    Room D7th Floor Study Room 1
    COFFEE BREAK8th Floor Room 802

    S: Submit Paper  ID,  A: Accept Paper ID

    August 2, Tuesday

     Room ARoom BRoom CRoom D
    9:00-16:00 REGISTATION 
    9:30- 10:10OPENING 
    10:10-11:10KEYNOTE I 
    11:10-11:30 COFFEE BREAK(Room 802)
    11:30-12:30KEYNOTE II 
    13:40-15:40PARALLE SESSIONS
    S5, A4S3, A3S8, A6S9, A7
    S11, A9S15, A13S28, A22S35, A28
    S16, A14S17, A15S29, A23S45, A82
    S102, A84S30, A24S51, A78S60, A37
    15:40-16:00 COFFEE BREAK(Room 802)
    16:00-17:30PARALLE SESSIONS
    S14, A12S88, A64S31, A25S18, A16
    S19, A17S10, A8S37, A30S63, A40
    S34, A27S13, A11S57, A83S98, A74
    18:00- Sansa Festival

    S: Submit Paper  ID,  A: Accept Paper ID

    August 3, Wednesday

     Room ARoom B Room C
    9:00-16:00 REGISTATION
    9:30-10:30KEYNOTE III 
    10:30-10:50 COFFEE BREAK(Room 802)
    10:50-12:20PARALLE SESSIONS
    S52, A65S42, A34S22, A19
    S56, A67S43, A80S50, A56
    S74, A51S44, A52S58, A35
    12:20-13:30 LUNCH
    13:30-15:30PARALLE SESSIONS
    S6, A5S38, A31S69, A46
    S20, A81S62, A39S73, A50
    S36, A29S65, A42S85, A62
    S48, A54S99, A75S12, A10
    15:30-15:50 COFFEE BREAK(Room 802)
    15:50-17:20PARALLE SESSIONS
    S75, A79S46, A53S49, A55
    S89, A77S67, A44S72, A49
    S100, A76S82, A60S27, A21
    18:20Bus start from the front of Hotel Metropolitan Morioka New Wing
    19:00-21:00Banquet at Morioka Grand Hotel (Address: 1-10, Atagoshita, Morioka)

    S: Submit Paper  ID,  A: Accept Paper ID

    August 4, Thursday

      Room A Room BRoom CRoom D
    9:00-12:00 REGISTATION
    9:30-10:30KEYNOTE IV 
    10:30-10:50 COFFEE BREAK(Room 802)
    10:50-12:20PARALLE SESSIONS
    S61, A38S1, A1S53, A66S21, A18
    S70, A47S2, A2S66, A43S25, A20
    S71, A48S39, A32S68, A45S90, A68
    12:20-13:30 LUNCH
    13:30-15:30PARALLE SESSIONS
    S78, A57S41, A33S86, A63S81, A59
    S80, A58S92, A70S91, A69S33, A26
    S84, A61S59, A36S96, A72S101, A85
     S64, A41S97, A73S95, A71
    15:30-15:50 COFFEE BREAK(Room 802)
    15:50-16:20ISAI MEETING 
    18:00- Sansa Festival

    IEA/AIE 2016 General Information

    Date and Place

     This conference will take place on August 2-4, in Morioka, Japan.


    Aiina Center (“Aiina” is the nick name)

    Address: 1-7-1 Moriokaekinishidori, Morioka, 020-0045, Iwate, Japan.

    Official Language

    The official language of the conference is English. All the camera-ready manuscripts should be submitted in English, and presentation should be made in English. No translation is provided.


    Each accepted paper reaching us in time will be published on the conference proceedings that will be distributed as a USB at the registration desk.

    Opening Hours of the Registration Desk

    The registration desk will be open during the conference.

    Cancellation and Refund

    Cancellation regarding registration fee is possible in written form received no later than July 20, 2016. In this case 80% of the received sum will be transferred back. No reimbursement is possible after this dead line.


    All paper must be presented in oral session. If a paper, included into the proceedings, fails to be presented any way at the conference, all authors of the paper will be bar out from paper submissions to conferences of the organizers in the future.

    Oral Presentation

    Presentations can be made by using laptop and data projector. All authors are kindly asked to take their presentation on USB drive. Conference room is supplied with data projector with laptop. To present the paper, it is allowed to use own computer if necessary.


    Free WiFi is available in the conference rooms.


    Smoking is not allowed in the building.

    Local currency

    Currency is Japanese Yen.

    Official web site